Building my portfolio

In early January, I started my last photography class at SCAD. As my final project, I am working to build my portrait portfolio so I put a call out on Facebook to see who could help me out. The first family I went to photograph was the Sarrge Family. Unfortunately, it was a very rainy, very gray day. The two teenagers were gracious to sit for me and let me invade their lives. Thanks!



Portraits for Home & Design artist feature

Several weeks back, my friend Barbara contacted me and asked if I could take photos of her and her artwork for an article she was going to be in. We spent a fun afternoon together, trying out different things.

You can see the articles and a couple of the photos, here

I've known Barbara since she taught my son art in early elementary school over 10 years ago. Her bubbly and happy personality is so contagious. She has always been positive and encouraging to me. We always have such a fun time together. You can see more of her work on her website.

Here are some of my favorites: